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COCONUT OIL FOR LIPS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to its silky moisturizing abilities, coconut oil is unbeatable. Coconut oil lip benefits involve dousing your lips with the omega-3 fatty acids that possess superior hydrating, moisturizing, rejuvenating, and even antibacterial properties that have put this natural product on a pedestal in the cosmetic world. Coconut oil finds its use in skin and hair care and as a base and substitute for many artificial substances in cosmetic products. As a natural product with many cosmetic benefits, there is no better application for coconut oil than lip care. A popular pearl of wisdom many women live by, “do not put onto your skin what you won’t put in your mouth,” is extremely relevant when it comes to products used for lip care. The lips are the entry point to the mouth, a place where substances easily enter the body. Therefore, it’s important that any lip care product that is put onto the lips is non-toxic and is made up of natural substances. Taking in the applied lip balm or lipstick when drinking and eating is inevitable; therefore, it’s a no-brainer that you choose a natural, pure product for lip care. You might be wondering, is coconut oil good for your lips? With its moisturizing and nurturing properties and many additional health benefits, coconut oil is the only perfect, natural solution for lip care
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The Perfect Coconut Oil Routine for Your Lips

The lips are the softest part of the face and can easily become chapped for a variety of reasons. Excessive lip licking can cause dry lips, while the exposure to liquids at different temperatures and smoking can seriously damage the upper layer of the lip.

Mildly chapped lips are uncomfortable, but when lips become excessively dry and damaged to the point where they start to crack, it can also become painful. Even a mildly damaged lip layer can make it impossible to put on lipstick and have it look good. 

Thankfully, you can use coconut oil for chapped lips to repair and moisturize them. By using coconut oil you can achieve healthy-looking and supple lips that act as a smooth base for your favorite lipstick. To achieve this, you can incorporate a coconut oil beauty routine that will ensure your lips are soft, smooth, and hydrated.

Apart from coconut oil, you will also need some simple ingredients that you may already have in your home. 

Coconut Oil Lip Benefits

Taking good care of your lips is essential in a daily beauty routine. Cold temperatures, sun exposure, dehydration, and many external influences can easily damage the lips, therefore making lip balm a necessity. 

As with many other cosmetic products, coconut oil is an excellent substitute for artificial lip balm. Its proven moisturizing, antibacterial, and nurturing properties are ideal for proper lip care.

Additionally, pure, organic coconut oil is safe to use and delivers great benefits to the body when consumed, whereas store-bought lip balm contains chemicals that can be harmful. 

Coconut oil in its original form can be dabbed onto the lips. Women that prefer the all-natural look can enjoy a natural beauty product and soothing effects for the lips. You can make a simple do-it-yourself lip balm to enjoy all the benefits of the coconut oil in an elevated form for your lips.

DIY Coconut Lip Balm

With coconut oil, you can create a natural lip balm with an irresistible coconut scent, that is incredibly hydrating, budget-friendly, and made in your favorite shade. It’s incredibly easy to make and gives you the opportunity to know exactly what substances go into your lip balm and on your lips.

You will need:

  1. Organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
  2. A small container with a lid (can be empty containers/jars from used products)
  3. Lipstick for tint 
  4. Optional: essential oils or liquid vanilla (for flavoring)

First, make sure your container is clean and dry. Fill the container with an appropriate amount of coconut oil, but leave room for additional ingredients.

Cut off a small amount of the lipstick, or if using a liquid lipstick, pour a small amount on the top of the coconut oil. Add essential oils if desired.

To mix thoroughly, you’ll want all the ingredients to be combined in its liquid form. You can do this by leaving the container exposed to a higher temperature (above 76℉), by exposing it to direct sunlight for a while or by using a microwave to heat the ingredients.

Once melted, stir well until the color is evenly spread and put it in the refrigerator or a cold, dark place.

Once the mixture hardens, it is ready to be used. Use it as you would normally use lip balm, and notice the difference of its effects.

You can still wear your favorite color but with an added glossy shine, have perfectly supple lips, and avoid the excessive amount of chemicals and harmful substances you usually have on your lips and inside your mouth.

Don’t forget to store it in a cool, dark place to avoid melting.

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Coconut Oil Lip Scrub

To remove the dry skin on your lips and achieve an even and smooth lip layer, you can mix up a homemade coconut oil lip scrub. You only need two ingredients: sea salt (or sugar) and coconut oil. Mix a teaspoon of each ingredient in a small container.

Once the mixture is ready, dab it over your chapped lips, and scrub gently with your fingers. Do this for about a minute, using small circular motions until your lips feel smooth again. Rinse with a washcloth or water and pat your lips dry.

If you are aiming for the all-natural look, finish your routine by applying a small amount of coconut oil on your lips as a lip balm. Repeat this several times a day whenever your lips feel dry or you feel like giving a gentle coconut kiss.

And voila! Enjoy your new-found soft lips and your new homemade lip scrub.

You can prepare a larger amount of coconut lip scrub and store it in a small container for regular use. Remember to store it at room temperature and in a dark place so the coconut oil doesn’t separate from the salt/sugar.

Exfoliate your lips with the homemade lip scrub whenever you feel the need to, but not too often as excessive scrubbing can cause redness or irritation.

The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Lip Care

Coconut oil can hydrate and protect the lips from the elements the same way it safeguards the skin and hair. It possesses a natural SPF that acts as a preventative measure from drying and cracking due to sun exposure.

The fatty acids in coconut oil lock in moisture and provide an effective barrier that protects your lips from external influences.

Another advantage of using coconut oil as lip balm is that it doesn’t create the need for constant reapplication, as some lip balms do. Artificial lip balms provide an instant soothing effect that quickly goes away and results in uncomfortably dry lips once the product dissolves, thus making you feel the need to apply the balm repeatedly.

Coconut oil, however, deeply moisturizes the lips and leaves a hydrated feeling long after application.

Coconut Oil is the Safest Lip Care Product You Can Find

On top of everything mentioned, coconut oil has an incredible natural aroma. If the oil gets inside the mouth, it provides beneficial effects.

Coconut oil has been used for centuries for oral detoxification and care. “Oil pulling,” as it is referred to, is the practice of swishing oil inside the mouth for whiter teeth and a healthier mouth.

Although you can use coconut oil for oral health intentionally by practicing oil pulling, applying it as lip balm will still allow you to enjoy all the benefits for oral health on a smaller scale. Should a small amount end up in your mouth, besides enjoying smooth lips you will enjoy whiter teeth, a reduction in bad breath, and prevent mouth and gum disease.

Overall, coconut oil is a great addition to your oral care. By making the switch to these natural DIY lip care products, you offer your lips deep conditioning benefits and improve the overall health of your lips.

To maximize the benefits mentioned above, always consider the type and quality of coconut oil. It’s recommended that you always use organic, virgin, raw coconut oil from sustainable sources.

Coconut oil is the ultimate ingredient you need to carry out a perfect lip care routine and enjoy smooth, healthy-looking, and irresistible lips. Kapuluan Raw coconut oil is your ideal product to create your DIY lip balm, scrub, or to simply use as is. Kapuluan and has a very long shelf-life. When stored properly out of direct sunlight and in room temperature conditions with plenty of airflow, it will last for 36 months.

Why not try coconut oil for your lips today? Your lips will thank you.

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