Kapuluan Coconut Oil: Available in Tubes and Jars

Kapuluan Coconut makes the Finest Quality Raw Coconut Oil.

Pure and unprocessed for beauty and personal care, our coconut oil is in its natural state, containing all the essential nutrients; we haven’t added anything or taken anything away.

Natural coconut oil reacts to varying temperatures. In cold weather it can get hard as ice. In hot weather it flows like water.

If it has hardened in cold temperature, it may be difficult to squeeze out of our unique packing; cosmetic tubes. If so, just rub it in your hands or use neutral/warm water to soften it up! Always squeeze from the top to make it easier!

If the coconut oil is liquid in hot weather and you would prefer a lotion-like consistency, just toss it in the fridge for a few minutes!

Tubes as Kapuluan Organic Coconut oil signature

The truth is that modified coconut oil doesn’t contain the good stuff that makes coconut oil worth using in the first place.

We love our nectar of tropical island gods and we support its mood swings and lack of consistent form.

Our best advice for Kapuluan Coconut Oil care is to store at room temperature and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight.

The reason we originally chose to use tubes for our coconut oil was to create an option that differed from the status quo – jars and tubs of coconut oil.

Our feeling is that there is really no perfect coconut oil packaging.

Jars and tubs are difficult to use when the oil gets liquid in hot temperatures, often spilling and leaking, or requiring a spoon to get the oil out without dumping it everywhere. Jars are more convenient when the oil gets hard, but when it is really hard, like Canada winter hard, the stuff can bend cutlery.

And then there is the problem with transporting a jar or tube; it’s just not going to happen.

Tubes offer something different. They are easier to transport, whether it is tossing them in a carry-on travel bag for a quick trip to Tulum, bringing along to yoga, or throwing in your beach bag on the way to catch a few waves or rays of sun.

The tubes are a better option in the shower, on the bathroom counter, and they make it generally easy to squeeze out just the amount you need when applying to your skin, lips, cuticles, and hair.

Now, some people prefer jars and will be excited to know that we are introducing glass jars of Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil to our line-up. Kapuluan Coconut oil in tubes and jars will be available soon! We decided to do so after we established the tubes as a Kapuluan signature, just to make sure we have something for everyone.

So, whether you like tubes or jars, rest assured that when you shop with Kapuluan, you’ll find The Finest Quality Raw Organic Coconut Oil in the packaging you prefer.

Our 8oz / 237ml jars are set to be released in early July and you can pre-order them at this link: Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil 8oz / 237ml Glass Jar.

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