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Our mission is to enhance local economies and environmental sustainability through partnerships with coconut farmers all over the world.

For every Kapuluan item sold, we plant a coconut tree in a developing country. Join us in our mission to plant 1 million trees annually, supporting farming communities and our planet.

Only YOU can help us continue making this vision a reality.

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Film poster for "kinabuhi" showing a man seated near a wooden table filled with coconut oil in a foggy tropical setting, with various film festival winner badges.
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We are proud to offer you our premium raw coconut oil, perfect for haircare and body care. Our cold-pressed coconut oil products maintain their natural integrity, free from additives or harmful chemicals, ensuring the best for your hair and body. Unlike refined alternatives, our coconut oil retains its authentic flavor and aroma, preserving all of its health benefits.

We credit nature for creating this versatile product, and our role is simply to deliver its remarkable benefits to those who prioritize quality and sustainability in their everyday choices.

Commitment to sustainability: plant one million coconut trees - the coconut kapuluan goal.
Illustration of a coconut split open with leaves, representing the production of 5 billion coconuts.


Our “One Item, One Tree”  planting initiative focuses on planting a coconut palm tree in a developing country each time our coconut oil is purchased. Our goal is to plant 1 MILLION coconut trees.

Because coconut palm trees are the “tree of life” for tropical environments, this resource is essential for the quality of life in island communities like the Philippines.

Planting a new coconut tree ensures rural communities and coconut farmers in developing countries get back on their feet while contributing to their long-term success and wellness.

Coconut palms play a crucial role in safeguarding human lives against the destructive force of high waves, including those from typhoons. These trees are exceptionally sturdy thanks to their robust vertical and horizontal root systems. In emergencies, people can climb coconut palms to stay safely above the reach of large, incoming waves.

Planting these trees aid coconut farmers in recovering from the damage caused by occasional typhoons while enhancing crop yield and oil quality. Moreover, expanding the number of these trees ensures a steady and prosperous income for farmers. As a multipurpose tree, the coconut palm sustains and expands the cycle of sustainability due to its significant economic importance.

At Kapuluan, we are committed to meeting the demand for coconuts through sustainable practices.

Empowering agriculture: a $250,000 investment in coconut farmers' prosperity.
An infographic presenting the economic value of coconut oil to farmers, quantified as $750,000,000, illustrated by two stick figures and a pile of coconuts.
An infographic highlighting the value of coconuts to communities, emphasizing that their worth extends beyond oil to additional products such as intercropping, plastics & fuel, timber, and coconut shell powder, potentially
The image features a circular emblem highlighting 'coconut sustainability 100%', followed by text at the bottom stating '70 years of production for 1,000,000 coconut trees producing 5 billion co
An iconographic representation of carbon offset initiatives highlighting a reduction of 2 billion tons in greenhouse gases, with symbols of an oil rig, a cow, and a coconut suggesting industry, agricultural, and natural

Coconut palm trees not only enhance the beauty of an island but also play a crucial role in combating global warming by effectively reducing carbon emissions.

Extensive coconut lands, covering about 3.2 million hectares (7.9 million acres), position developing island countries as tropical regions with significant potential to mitigate climate change. This is particularly vital given that these countries are among the largest producers of coconut palms in the world.

With every product you purchase, you contribute to the beauty of these island nations and help make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place.


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