The Anti Aging Properties of Coconut Oil

The Anti Aging Properties of Coconut Oil

Apr 22, 2016 By Kapuluan Coconut

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Many people don’t realize the anti aging properties of coconut oil along with its topical benefits. When using coconut oil, hair has more body, shine and substance, while skin becomes softer, hydrated and energized. Coconut oil also has the ability to protect then skin, lips, and hair from the elements, whether a Canadian winter, or a tropical heat wave.

But coconut oil doesn’t just work when applied externally – it can work from the inside out to lend better, long lasting effects and possibly slowing the aging process. As Hippocrates famously said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


anti aging properties of coconut oil


Damage to the skin occurs when it is exposed to free radicals, due to oxidation. A good example of this is when an apple slice turns brown, or…when a coconut is cracked open and exposed to air, it starts to break down. It happens to all cells in nature, and that includes the ones in our body.

Oxidation is a natural process; it is necessary to keep our body running. But as oxidation occurs, roughly 2% of cells get damaged and turn into free radicals.

Since they are “free” and missing one molecule, these will bind to any other molecule to be able to “complete” it; but it doesn’t stop there. Free radicals damage DNA structures in the molecules they bind themselves with, and this is where unsightly skin changes start.

Free radicals are compounded by everyday stress, which manifest in our skin through premature aging, wrinkles, and other types of damage…even serious illness.

To protect ourselves from rigorous oxidation, we need antioxidants. These days, especially when one is exposed to harmful rays of the sun, pollution, and the environment, antioxidants are crucial to your health, and in this case, your skin.

Hippocrates knew what he was talking about. Antioxidants are found all over the world in natural forms; in forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, and grassy fields, and trees. They are called fruits, vegetables, and in this case, the superfruit coconut.

Given that it is produced the right way, coconut oil is the concentrated form of all of the nutrients found in coconut.


coconut oil for anti aging


Coconut oil can give your body a significant amount of healthy fats and protein, protecting against factors that cause premature aging.

The anti aging properties of coconut oil contains the following beneficial compounds for your skin:

  • – Ferulic and p-coumaric acid, which has the amazing ability to fight free radicals
  • – Promotes production of collagen, which is responsible for keeping the elasticity of the skin
  • – Lauric acid, which can protect the skin against acne and blemishes
  • – Increases Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) ratios in the cells to counteract aging


Look for a coconut oil that is 100% raw, pure, and virgin like Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil. With Kapuluan Coconut, the anti aging properties of coconut oil are unbelievable.


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