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Coconut Oil // The Nectar of The Gods

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Kapuluan

There’s a lot of hype surrounding coconut oil and its uses. But, unfortunately, the miracle claims and people overhyping it are getting a little ridiculous. 

But according to South Sea legend, the Coconut tree is the tree of life. Coconut oil is the nectar of the Gods, the ambrosia of its people. Coconut Oil is the oil of Kings, a dream cream, and a soothing salve on irritated skin. Coconut oil is a minimalist’s magic bullet, the ultimate balm for radiant skin, hair, teeth, and nails. Coconut oil is a panacea.

We like to leave the shower, skin still slightly wet, and lather in the natural goodness to keep skin soft and smooth. The bonus is feeling like a tropical beauty queen, smelling like a coconut smoothie.

Kapuluan Coconut Oil is a fantastic moisturizing lotion, locking in moisture and energizing your skin. It can also act as a calming balm. Simply applying a small (less than dime-size, depending on the area) dab of coconut oil can soothe itchiness, dryness, and minor cuts or scratches. This works particularly well with cuticles to help with hangnails or just damaged areas around your nail bed and benefits your nails as a bonus!

Using coconut oil as a lotion can also eliminate dead skin cells, reduce flaky skin, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles…naturally. This leads to a younger look and feels to your skin without harsh and expensive chemicals.

Coconut oil is nature’s answer to skin issues, suncare, and a healthier body & mind, and it is significantly better than the average face or body moisturizer. Typically, commercial lotions contain a lot of water. At first, this may sound intuitive; water hydrates, so water in a moisturizer is good, right? Wrong! Water in your moisturizer makes your skin feel hydrated until the water dries, which dries out your skin along with it. This is great for the company because it is cheaper for them to produce and gets you to buy more of their product. But, for you, this means a temporary fix for an ongoing problem.

Along with water diluting most moisturizers on the market, many lotions contain petroleum-based products, which can suffocate your skin.


To get all these benefits, place some coconut oil in your hand (use a small amount to start- you will be surprised how far it will go) and rub it on! You will appear slightly shiny for a few minutes, but the oil will soak into your skin in about 10 minutes, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth!

For the best results, make this a part of your daily routine. Enjoy the smell and the peace of mind.

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