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How to Protect and Preserve Natural Products in Summer Tropical Heat

We usually think of preservatives when considering how to protect and preserve natural products in summer. But, unfortunately, this has become somewhat of a taboo term in the healthy beauty realm, bringing to mind ingredients like parabens. And for the most part, that’s for a good reason: Parabens (a preservative containing differentiations of the synthetic chemical) have been linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, and developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Why would you want that in your personal care products when that’s the risk?

One of the best parts about healthy and natural cosmetics is that they don’t contain these potentially hazardous synthetic preservatives that can interrupt our bodies’ normal functioning.

But that leads us to the inevitable question: If our products are preservative-free (or only contain natural preservatives like vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract, or essential oils), how do we keep them fresh and safe?

If not properly stored, many natural products can lead to spoilage and bacteria growth. This is entirely normal—if you leave a fresh loaf of bread out on your counter for too long,d begins to grow.

Healthy, natural bath and body products are made from fresh ingredients with a shelf life. Their freshness increases their potency and requires a few intelligent steps to keep them from going bad, especially during hot summer weather.


Be Mindful of Storage

All year round, natural products must be stored in an excellent, dry location where the temperature doesn’t change repeatedly or drastically (so keep them out of the shower unless you use them quickly!) This helps reduce the likelihood of fresh ingredients spoiling or getting contaminated.

In the summer, storing products in the fridge extends their life and gives you a cooling sensation upon application. However, we do not recommend storing our tubes of coconut oil in the fridge as the oil will become very hard.

However, if your coconut oil is liquid and you prefer a lotion-like consistency, you can leave your coconut oil in the fridge for a short period.

Check Your Hands 

Healthy products are more prone to latch onto bacteria on your hands. To help prevent that, wash and dry your hands thoroughly, or use a clean metal or wooden spoon to dip into your product before slathering it on your body.

Avoid the Light

Direct sunlight, UV rays, and artificial light can impact your natural products, breaking down their consistency and creating heat in their containers, encouraging bacteria growth. Store your products in a dark location, and close their caps tightly when you’re done applying.

Final Thoughts on How to Protect and Preserve Natural Products in Summer

It’s really that simple: Follow these three steps, and your natural, healthy products will stay fresh all summer! 

No preservatives are needed.




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