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Interview with Pro Surfer Izzy Poulin

A woman in a colorful bikini holds a sunflower over her eye, smiling, with a surfboard propped next to her under a palm shelter on a beach.

Professional Surfer Izzy Poulin (@izzyisup) is one of our favorites.

Not only does she have a serious love affair with the ocean, but she’s was one of the first influencers we ever worked with. 

We wanted to start interviewing surfers because they are the perfect representative of what Kapuluan is all about. Beach life, travel, surfing, beauty, a love for the ocean, and of course, leaving things and places better than you found them. Izzy was the obvious first choice and we’re excited to introduce her so you can get to know her.

Where are you from/where do you live?

San Diego, California. Born and raised!

What do you love about where you’re from / where you live?

There are soo many things I love about San Diego! The weather, the food, and the surf are just a few. I’m so grateful to be from such a beautiful place!

What’s the most important thing in your life?

Keeping myself and everyone I am around happy 🙂

What do you spend the most time doing?

Surfing and eating! I am a big foodie and love trying new restaurants around me.

What’s your can’t live without beauty product?

Coconut oil! I use it as shaving cream, lotion, to take makeup off, tan, and cook with!

What’s your fave way to spend a Sunday? 

Going surfing or on a hike and then relaxing with some tea and Netflix at the end of the day!

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place is Hawaii. I have gone there numerous times and fell in love with the beauty of the islands! They also have great surf, warm weather, and delicious poke!

If you could devote your life to 1 thing, and never worry about money, what would you do?

Traveling to every single city in the world! I love visiting new places and immersing myself into new cultures.

Favorite surf break? Why?

I would say Blacks Beach, one of my home breaks, is one of my favorite surf breaks. I’ve had some of my best sessions there!

Who’s your favorite influencer?

Helen Owen

How can tourists and visitors be more helpful to locals?

Pick up your trash, whether it’s at the beach or on the street! Even if you didn’t leave it, everyone should pick up any trash that they see!

Name 5 things on your bucket list:

1. Go Sky Diving

2. Stay in overwater bungalow rooms in Tahiti and the Maldives

3. Swim side by side with dolphins in the open ocean

4. Swim with whale sharks in the open ocean

5. Travel to Bali, Australia, & Panama

Follow Izzy on Instagram Here: @izzyisup



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