Tube Packaging vs. Jar Packaging: Which Best Coconut Oil Packaging is Right for You?

A young woman with long dark hair looks up thoughtfully. She is sandwiched between two products: a jar of raw coconut oil on the right and a tube of raw coconut oil lotion on the left, both labeled "Kopari Beauty." The background is a mix of beige and white.

There are two types of coconut oil packaging: tube or jar. Many people like the jar because it has a wider opening, making it easier to get out of every last bit of the product. Others like the tube because it’s lighter, portable, and squeezable. 

The power of all-natural products cannot be denied, which is why Kapuluan Coconut Oil has been able to stay on top of its game and ahead of the competition. Kapuluan Coconut Oil is a premium quality, 100% pure, and natural coconut oil from a company committed to improving the environment and providing hope for future generations.

Coconut oil is an essential part of our lives and has many health benefits, but not everyone can use it. Coconut oil is dense, and people on a low-fat diet should avoid consuming it. Tube packaging for coconut oil is an innovative solution to this problem. It will help people who cannot consume coconut oil in its natural form to enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

This new type of packaging will also help those who have trouble using jar packaging for coconut oil. Jar packaging for coconut oil requires consumers to scoop out the desired amount of product from the jar with their fingers, which can be messy and complicated for some people because of limited mobility or other disabilities.

There are a few things you should look for when buying coconut oil. First, it should be cold-pressed. This means the coconut oil should not have been exposed to heat during production. Our cold-pressed Raw Coconut Oil is an excellent alternative to store-bought coconut oil and can be used instead of body lotions, lip balms, and more. We focus on pure ingredients without preservatives, harmful additives, or toxic chemicals. Our coconut oil is also unrefined and stays that way so that you can reap the health benefits of raw coconuts and be more conscious about what goes into your skin.

The tube packaging is better for the product because it is more hygienic, and the oil can be dispensed without touching the package. On the other hand, jar packaging is better for customers because they can see how much oil they are buying.

The tube packaging may be more hygienic, but it also limits how much coconut oil a customer can buy at one time. This may not be bad if coconut oil is of high quality and expensive. On the other hand, Jar packaging allows customers to see exactly how much product they are buying, which may help them make an informed decision about their purchase.

The Jar Packaging

A jar of coconut oil nestled in a freshly cut open coconut, placed on a concrete surface, emphasizing natural ingredients.

This is the traditional method of packaging coconut oil. It has been used for decades to preserve the product’s quality and is easy to wash. Plastic tubes are more convenient but don’t do well with heat and are hard to store in a safe place. The traditional jar will help regulate the temperature of the product and prevent moisture from getting in. Kapuluan Coconut jar packaging is ideal for products that need to be stored in the fridge or freezer. In addition, our jar packaging has an airtight seal which prevents the development from spilling out. This coconut oil kit is a top-quality choice for those people who suffer from allergies to plastic. The downside to this type of packaging is that the jar exposes the product to more light, air, or outside contaminants every time you open it or scoop any out with your fingers or a tool.

The Tube Packaging

A smiling young woman holding a bottle of coconut oil skincare product, standing under a shaded porch with greenery and sunlight in the background.

This is another option for those who love to take their coconut oil on the go. Our Raw Coconut Oil tubes come with an airtight cap that locks in freshness and prevents moisture from getting into the product. They are perfect for taking and storing in a purse, daypack, gym bag, or travel kit. This coconut oil packaging is excellent for people who want more control in taking their desired amount of oil out of the container. If you’re looking for a way to carry your coconut oil when you’re out and about, then our recyclable tubes are the best option.

We want to give our customers the best products, providing options. 

Packaging oil can easily get damaged from exposure to heat and light. The packaging for a jar is more suitable for skin care products meant to be used in the short term. Tube packaging is better suited for products intended to be used over an extended period. Which one will best suit your needs? Ultimately, we all love coconut oil, and the packaging you select will depend on your lifestyle.

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