Pathogens Be Gone! Easy Coconut Oil DIY Hand Sanitizer

Two images show a tube of 'raw coco nut oil'. the left image displays someone holding the tube, while the right image shows the oil being squeezed onto a palm.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us more than ever to keep ourselves safe from pathogens. Why not make your own coconut oil DIY hand sanitizer! Mix Kapuluan Coconut Oil with isopropyl alcohol for a more moisturizing, antibacterial, and soothing solution for your hands and your health.

Is Coconut Oil Bad For You?

A person applying sunscreen to their legs on a sunny beach with foamy waves in the background.

We all know coconut oil is today’s craze, but is all the hype really deserved? When it comes to using this beloved cure-all for your skin, hair, nails, teeth and lips, is coconut oil bad for you? Let’s get the skinny on how good (or bad) it is for your skin.

Is Coconut Oil Lube Safe For Your Body?

A bottle of raw coconut oil labeled as cold-pressed natural skin and hair treatment, surrounded by delicate baby's breath flowers and elegant black lace fabric.

Coconut oil has many amazing benefits and there are SO many different ways you can use it but many people wonder if coconut oil lube is actually safe for you to use on a daily basis as a personal lubricant.

Decoding The Coconut: What To Look for on Your Coconut Oil Label

Close-up photograph of green coconuts hanging from a tree, with the phrase "free people" written in a stylized white cursive font across the middle of the image. The background is a mix of green and dark hues, creating a tropical atmosphere.

We all know coconut oil can do basically anything. It’s the natural miracle cure to pretty much all of your problems: in the bathroom (dry hair to overactive skin to teeth whitening), the kitchen (sautéing to smoothies), the closet (stain remover), and even the bedroom.

Benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling

A wooden toothbrush beside a glass bowl of coconut oil, set on a wooden disc, with a halved coconut in the background on a white wooden surface.

So what were your grandparents doing to keep their teeth? and “How did they keep control of funky breath?” In addition to their diets (which contained far less sugar than ours today), dental health was maintained simply by using chewing sticks and….coconut oil pulling.

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