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The Ecological Impact Of Coconut Oil In Hair And Skincare

Coconut oil has become a beloved ingredient in our beauty routines, but have you considered the ecological price we pay for this tropical delight? From deforestation and pesticide use to the carbon footprint of production, our love for coconut oil has unintended consequences. It’s time to explore sustainable alternatives and choose products that don’t harm our planet. Beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of nature’s freedom.

Kaizen: 10 Rituals to Continuous Self Improvement

Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. It’s a way to apply certain rituals to your life which keep you grounded and focused on the meaningful. Each ritual has its own purpose and can be applied in many different ways. I encourage you to make your own and apply them to daily life.

Interview with Pro Surfer Izzy Poulin

Professional Surfer Izzy Poulin is one of our favorites. Not only does she have a serious love affair with the ocean, but she’s was one of the first influencers we ever worked with.

Kapuluan Mamas /// Joy Green

We recently had a chance to work with Joy Green of Joyfully Green and it was wonderful to learn about how she cares for herself and her young daughter Kai with Kapuluan Coconut Oil.

Restoring The Status of Coconut Oil

Although the efforts to bring knowledge of the benefits of coconut oil have only begun, awareness of coconut as a food and nutritional source is on the rise and advocates of VCO are gaining strength.

Tropical Tumbleweed – A Travel Inspired Playlist from DJ Jasmine Solano

I’m beyond excited to partner with Kapuluan Coconut as this month’s Music Contributor! And what perfect timing as my b-day is around the corner (Jan. 25th, Aquarians unite!) This special playlist I made for Kapuluan is influenced by all my travels. Not only do I listen to music that’s inspiring, but also relaxing.

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