Kaizen // 10 Rituals to Continuous Self Improvement

Aug 17, 2020 By will lauder

Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. It’s a way to apply certain rituals to your life which keep you grounded and focused on the meaningful. Each ritual has its own purpose and can be applied in many different ways. I encourage you to make your own and apply them to daily life.

Kaizen // 10 Rituals to Continuous Self Improvement

1. Ritual of solitude; Time of Peace.

2. Ritual of physicality; Care for the body, care for the mind.

3. Ritual of live nourishment; Nourish the body, nourish the mind.

4. Ritual of abundant knowledge; Lifelong learning & self development.

5. Ritual of personal refelction; Think to thrive. Improve daily.

6. Ritual of early awakening; Rise with the sun.

7. Ritual of music.

8. Ritual of spoken word; Mantras and affirmations.

9. Ritual of congruent character; Timeless virtues.

10. Ritual of simplication; Focus only on the meaningful.

The way that I like to incorporate Kaizen into my life, or perhaps my life into Kaizen, is by channeling it through something I truly enjoy.

Surfing has been called a “source” or some kind of life way by so many people who do it. I believe it’s because it taps you into a way of Kaizen. I know it makes me a better person. And it makes me healthier and happier.

Rising with the sun is easy because that’s when the best waves are. Going for a surf gives me a time of peace and connects me with nature. At the same time it can be peaceful, it can be extremely challenging; adrenaline pumping and a great workout. It’s a chance to focus and refelct all at the same time.

One of the things that keeps me coming back for more, is that no 2 waves are the same, no 2 surf spots are the same, and it’s the most challenging sport in the world. It’s something that takes constant work to enjoy. When you get better you get more waves. And when you get better you get longer, better waves. It is ridiculously rewarding. But only if you can gut it out and get past the hard part. That’s what character building is all about.

Music is often sounds the best on the way to surf, on the way from a great surf, or when I’m beat tired after a surf. The rest just fits well into a lifestyle.

Simplicity. Healthy food. Cut the stress. Have fun. And smile.

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