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The Ecological Impact Of Coconut Oil In Hair And Skincare

Coconut oil has become a beloved ingredient in our beauty routines, but have you considered the ecological price we pay for this tropical delight? From deforestation and pesticide use to the carbon footprint of production, our love for coconut oil has unintended consequences. It’s time to explore sustainable alternatives and choose products that don’t harm our planet. Beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of nature’s freedom.

Is the Coconut Craze Hurting Our Planet?

It’s no secret that coconut has recently seen a boom in worldwide demand. The fruit, important to many tropical cultures for generations, has now experienced a massive surge in interest from Westerners – everyone loves them some coconut products.

Children in the Philippines // Giving December

As a team, we’ve spent a lot of time in the Philippines and have developed a deep passion for helping children in need. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this passion began, but it’s become a central purpose in our work.

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