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Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Brands

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Kapuluan

A hand painted green holds a single green leafy branch against a white background, creating the illusion of an extension of the plant.

Kapuluan is an eco-friendly brand that cares deeply about making the world a better place by improving the livelihood of impoverished coconut farming communities and helping the environment by planting coconut palm trees which act as an antidote to global warming and help with sustainable farming. 

Inspired by one of our favorite eco-friendly brands, Patagonia, our mission statement says nothing about making a profit; what it all comes down to is the amount of good Kapuluan accomplishes. However, our company must be profitable to stay in business and accomplish our goals. Our ethos is to treat people well, respect the environment, and make great products that do not harm people, animals, and the planet.

What good is money if we cannot enjoy this beautiful home we’ve been given?

So, we put together a list of our favorite eco-friendly brands. These are all brands we use daily to keep things simple and contribute positively to the world.

After all, we are who we keep company with.

Amara Swimwear

AMARA cares about the planet and believes ethical fashion isn’t optional for today’s consumers – it’s imperative. Our fabric is manufactured in a green energy facility that works to reduce pollution, protect green spaces, preserve water, and monitor gas emissions. In addition, we are committed to using biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable packaging.

Our ITALIAN fabric comprises 78% RECYCLED post-consumer plastic recovered from our oceans through the Healthy Seas Project and XTRALIFE LYCRA® fibers to extend each piece’s life far beyond traditional spandex products. Every piece is built to last with quality and sustainability in mind and designed and made in Tulum by local artisans.

S’well Bottles

In 2010, S’well was launched to rid the world of plastic bottles.

S’well® is a proud supporter of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, donating $200,000 since 2015 to help provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children. UNICEF works in more than 100 countries worldwide to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities and promote safe hygiene practices. For example, with just $1, UNICEF can provide one child access to safe, clean water for a month.


Patagonia and the book Let My People Go Surfing by Founder Yvon Chouinard inspired Kapuluan.

“During the past thirty years, we’ve made many mistakes but never lost our way for long. Although we first intended Patagonia to free ourselves from the limitations of the original climbing business, precisely those limitations have kept us on our toes and helped us thrive. We still pursue climbing and surfing, activities that entail risk, require soul and invite reflection. We favor informal travels with friends – doing what we love to do – to the camera-covered event. We can’t bring ourselves to make a mediocre product knowingly. And we cannot avert our eyes from the harm done, by all of us, to our only home.”


“The Banago brand was created to support and expand the livelihoods of artisan communities in the Philippines, where my family is from. Growing up, seeing both my mother and grandmother work at home sewing clothes for the Los Angeles garment district factories. At the same time, they took care of my sisters and me at home, and my father went to work; I understood the importance of the cottage industries and how they improve women’s lives.

After about 15 years in the Fashion industry in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Tokyo, I felt it was time to return to my second home in the Philippines to use the knowledge and relationships I have gained throughout my career to come back home and help people improve their lives by designing with them and promoting their love of the arts and crafts of their home villages.”


Our design approach is rooted in principles of conservancy and transparency, creating mats, towels, props, and apparel while making every possible effort to minimize environmental waste. In addition, we’re constantly searching for innovative partners and updated technologies to respect further the land upon which we place our mats and intentions.

As a company, we understand the impossibility of leaving no environmental footprint. But we can commit to 100% transparency, being clear about our decisions, and, most importantly, where we have room to improve.

We consistently strive to be better, stronger, kinder, and more conscious of our actions and their global impact. Sustainability isn’t simply a story. It’s part of our DNA and part of our evolving practice.

Gypsea Swimwear

If we want to protect the future of our planet and our health, tree planting has to be a part of the plan. The world loses millions of acres of trees due to deforestation every year. Yet, in just a year, one tree can produce 120 kilograms of oxygen and absorb as much carbon as a car, driving 41,000 km. In addition, the tree planting program will help to:

  • Improve drinking water quality.
  • Increase biodiversity
  •  Provide meaningful work
  • Restore independence in villages
  • Increase crop yields
  • Improve the local standard of living
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide & fight climate change


While Quip isn’t a company founded with the environment as a core focus, we love that Quip allows us to buy one toothbrush that will last forever and brush heads that last at least three months. The result is that we use fewer toothbrushes and create less waste.

Aside from that, Quip makes the most beautiful-looking toothbrush, the rubber brush is much better for teeth than traditional bristles, and they have some great information on how to brush properly on their blog.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Brands

We only have one planet that is our home, so it is essential to take care of it. Engaging in eco-friendly brands and products can only help care for what is beautiful and good.


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