Giving December // Children of The Philippines

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Kapuluan

In December, Kapuluan will donate $5 from each sale to the Lingap Center in The Philippines. 

The Lingap Center provides hope for children aged 4-17 who have suffered from child abuse, abandonment, neglect, and exploitation. 100% of all donations go directly to the children because the Lingap Board of Directors pays all administrative and overhead expenses! Incredible!

With your support, we can positively impact these children, brighten their spirits during the Christmas season, and provide hope for a better tomorrow. From Lingap Center

At the Center, we create a haven for kids who would otherwise be in life-threatening situations. The staff ensures that the kids eat three meals daily and attend school to build a solid future and give back to the community. For the first time in many of their lives, the kids have access to health care and counseling services. In addition, they can participate in religious services – a practice not traditionally open to orphans or street children. They also have time to play and be kids.

Some children stay at the center briefly until they can be placed in a safe environment—other kids who don’t have that option stay until adulthood. Our “Place at the Table” sponsorship program ensures that we don’t have to turn away children who desperately need our help and would otherwise be living on the street. From Lingap Center

In 2008, we hired a street educator to go to the city park each day, where she teaches those children who cannot attend school for various reasons: reading, basic arithmetic, and hygiene. Since then, the program has grown to include an average of 85 children daily in two locations. Additionally, we provide them with lunch, which is often their only meal. Many children will eat their meal on the spot, but sadly, others will carefully wrap it up to take it home to feed their entire family.

In early 2011, the program was expanded further, with the assistance of Fr. Rolando Manayon of St. John of Sahagun Catholic Church in Toledo City, to include catechism lessons. We also began a microeconomic entrepreneur training program. This is teaching the children how to raise money on their own. Each child was given startup money, which they almost immediately repaid. The program is thriving.

To support a brighter Christmas and a hopeful future for these children, click the image below and shop for Kapuluan Coconut products. For each sale, we’ll contribute $5 of your dollars towards the Lingap Center 🙂

Also, watch the documentary “Smile” to see the wonderful Children of the Philippines.

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