3 Reasons to Switch to Coconut Oil for Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Being serious about a natural and chemical-free regimen in our beauty routine often leaves us scratching our heads for attainable solutions. Thankfully, coconut oil has heeded our call and has proven to be the answer to many sustainable beauty secrets. 

Coconut oil as a makeup brush cleaner is a clean and valuable asset when trying to attain natural, beautiful, and glowing skin. The importance of good skin is emphasized when we understand that good skin results from clean skin. This begins with the products and equipment that touch your face and body daily. 

With all the toxins that bombard us daily, it is excellent that coconut oil can be used as a cleaning hack. Think of all the grime, dirt, germs, and debris we unknowingly accumulate throughout the day. 

Being able to benefit from clean beauty that is good for the ecosystem and our body system can set our minds at ease. 

Using coconut oil as a makeup brush cleaner is reassuring in its ability to protect us from dirt and grime naturally. Dirty products and equipment lead to clogged pores, acne, bacteria, and many potential problems. 

Taking the time to use coconut oil to clean makeup brushes thoroughly can make a difference in creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. 

Why You Should Clean Your Makeup Brushes with Coconut Oil

You may ask yourself, why use coconut oil when I can use regular soap? Well, over time, brushes can get worn out from the chemicals of harsh soaps and cleansers, and while using these things help, the quality of the brush decreases each time.

Here are three reasons why coconut oil will save your brushes and your face:

1. An effective cleanser

When using traditional cleansers, it is sometimes difficult to tackle excess dirt that gets stuck on our makeup brushes. As a makeup brush cleaner, coconut oil can clean the dirtiest problems by gently gliding even the peskiest debris to its inevitable end.

2. An excellent germ fighter

Another perk to cleaning makeup brushes with coconut oil is that it is a natural germ fighter. Due to its natural antibacterial properties, coconut oil is an incredible cleaning hack that will do the job.

3. To condition and preserve

While it is a powerful cleaner, it also helps maintain your brushes’ longevity by deep conditioning and softening the hair bristles. Having soft and clean makeup brushes allows for seamless makeup application.

DIY Coconut Oil Makeup Brush Cleaner

Now that we have outlined the importance of cleaning your brushes, it is time to use the procedure to get you on track for the cleanest and softest brushes that your face will thank you for. 

And the best part? Our Kapuluan Cold Pressed Raw Organic Coconut Oil, either in a tube or jar, can do the job every single time. 


1. Gently rub Kapuluan Coconut Oil onto your dirty makeup brushes (even beauty blenders)

2. You can also add essential oils (like tea tree oil) to help further disinfect your brush

3. Massage the dirt and debris off the brush in a circular motion to get rid of excess residue

4. Rinse with warm water and repeat until the water is no longer cloudy

5. Clean off excess oil by using a coconut oil-derived castile soap

6. Use your fingers to shape your brushes and lay them flat to air dry naturally and maintain a bristle shape

And there you have it! A natural, affordable, and sustainable solution to cleaning your brushes from makeup product build-up. Not only will your brushes be soft and silky, but they will also be fresh and clean, leaving you with the skin you can feel good about. 


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