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Mermaid Halloween Looks / Remove Halloween Makeup with Coconut Oil

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Kapuluan

Not sure what you should be this Halloween? Because Kapuluan loves everything tropical, why not be inspired by our favorite mermaid Halloween looks? Plus, you can remove Halloween makeup with coconut oil, of course. 

First, view our Pinterest board below for a comprehensive collection of ideas for hair, makeup, and DIY mermaid costume outfits, and get pinning to put together your perfect mermaid look!

Easily Remove Halloween Makeup with Coconut Oil

Before we get into makeup video tutorials we wanted to talk about something important. Halloween is that time of year when we all wear more makeup than normal. You might be scared of breaking out by scrubbing your face to get mascara, eyeliner, and colors off of your face.

Here’s a Coconut Oil tip for you: use Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil to remove makeup quickly and easily while also moisturizing your face and protecting it from acne forming!

In the videos below, get inspired by other mermaid Halloween looks with these video tutorials we chose for you.

Now you’re ready with inspiration for Halloween mermaid makeup, hair, and costume photos and tutorials. And we’ve told you our secret to remove Halloween makeup with coconut oil (or everyday makeup for that matter)!

Show us how your mermaid look turned out, and tag #kapuluanmermaid when you post your Instagram Halloween mermaid photo!


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