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Best Belly Products For Mamas-To-Be: Kapuluan Feature

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Featured on NECN/NBCLX “The Beauty Beat” on August 10, 2021

Beauty & Wellness Expert Christina Gallardo (Website: and IG: @makeupbychristinag_) shares her favorite products to help hydrate your baby’s belly and reduce stretch marks. Kapuluan Coconut Oil was one of the products NECN featured on Best Belly Products for Mamas-To-Be!

Best Belly Products for Mamas-To-Be

According to Gallardo’s Instagram post, she states:

“Calling all mamas-to-be! This week I’m sharing my favorite belly products… from butter to oils to balms, organic, coconut-based, luxurious + more! ????????????”

Along with Kapuluan, Gallardo features all organic products from Kora Organics, The Spoiled Mama, Honest, and Earth Mama Organics in this segment.

Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

Regarding pregnancy, it’s essential to use the best products that only help you as a mother and is safe for your growing belly! For example, you can use Kapuluan Coconut Oil as a belly oil for stretch marks, cellulite, and itchiness during pregnancy.

Gallardo explains why it’s essential to prioritize the belly during pregnancy:

“Most of us [mamas] prioritize belly care because everyone fears the dreaded stretch marks. So, we all try to do whatever we can to prevent them. But, even though we know that they are most likely inevitable, we can still do things to make sure our skin stays hydrated and healthy during our pregnancy to improve our odds.”

Gallardo also points out that certain factors play a role in how bad your stretch marks are:

“The biggest factor is our genetics and our skin type. When you’re pregnant, your skin is stretched a lot quickly. So everyone’s skin responds differently. But that’s not to say that using belly butter and belly oils can’t help. Moisturizing the skin during pregnancy helps the skin deal with those rapid changes your body’s going through. Keeping your skin moisturized can help promote skin elasticity, which can help minimize the odds of getting stretch marks. And it also helps with that itchy feeling that many of us get towards the end when our bellies are stretched to the limit.”

Gallardo states in the video:

“Kapuluan Coconut Oil is for those who prefer a coconut oil-based product. Kapuluan is a fan fave for celebrities like Shay Mitchel. It’s pure, raw, cold-pressed organic coconut oil from the Philippines. It’s silky smooth and has a subtle smell. And the oil absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. But the best part is that for every unit sold, they plant a coconut palm tree in the Philippines. The new trees help coconut farmers recover from the destruction of tropical storms, contributing to sustainable agriculture and supporting the antidote for global warming.”

We’re so honored that Christina Gallardo loves our coconut oil! If you want to see what she is all about, check out her website at and follow her on Instagram @makeupbychristinag_.


Only the Best for Your Belly

Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

For your health and the health of the growing baby inside of you, it’s crucial only to have the best products for your belly. As a soon-to-be mother, look into the ingredients used for any beauty product you are using.

That’s why we suggest coconut oil. With all of its health properties and benefits, it’s a great oil to use during pregnancy and for your baby! Creamy and luscious, our coconut oil is perfect for expecting mothers and is gentle and safe for babies. In addition, coconut oil has many benefits and health properties, including lauric acid in breast milk. Lauric acid protects and strengthens moms and babies because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Check out our shop to pick the proper coconut oil packaging for you! And follow us on Instagram for more coconut oil benefits, info, and uses!


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