10 Things You Should Be Doing With Coconut Oil This Weekend

Dec 29, 2020 By will lauder

1. Get Naked Coconut Oil is the perfect massage oil. All natural and smells amazing. What were you thinking? 2. Oil Pulling Weekend mornings are the best. Waking up and not having to get out of bed. Lazy coffees. And pulling oil for 15 minutes…un-interrupted by pesky early morning business calls. 3. Hair Treatment When you fall asleep on the couch watching netflix every week-night, it’s kinda hard to do an overnight hair treatment. On the weekend? Have a glass of red wine while you pamper yourself with a bubble bath. Fall asleep with your hair covered in coconut oil and wrapped in a warm towel. Wake up hungry. 4. Suncare Suns out buns out. Just dont forget to oil up. Coconut oil works well when you have a base tan, or don’t burn easily. Natural SPF blocks out some of the harmful rays, while allowing all the good stuff to get you that glow. 5. Watch Kinabuhi If you use coconut products but have no idea where they come from, you need to watch our documentary which follows a group of Filipino coconut farmers as they struggle to survive a way of life exoloited by industrial agriculture and crippled by disasters like Typhoon Haiyan.
6. Make a Coffee Scrub DIY weekends are the best. Put on some good music, dance around the kitchen, and make yourself some simple exfoliating coffee scrub. 7. Throw away all your crap Coconut oil can replace so many different things. Products which often contain chemicals and unnecessary crap you don’t need on your body. Get minimalist. 8. Watch Kinabuhi Again. 9. Remove your makeup. Coconut oil is an amazing all natural makeup remover. This one might surprise you. 10. There are unlimited things you can do with coconut oil. Do whatever you want. It’s the weekend!

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