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A smiling woman with glasses holding a product next to a pink banner reading "4000+ 5-star reviews" with five gold stars.


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“Kapuluan smells amazing and has zero additional ingredients. The best thing to use for your body.”


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“One of the best belly products for mamas-to-be!”


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“The freshest coconut oil in the world.”


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“ A perfect multi- purpose product!”


The number one cause of dry skin is

lack of moisture.

As we age, our skin tends to produce less natural oil, which can lead to dryness.

Split image comparing young and aged skin: left side shows smoother, youthful skin, right side shows more textured, aged skin with deeper lines and cracks. both sections are tinted in a warm beige tone.
Over time, the lack of natural oil can
cause the skin to become dry, flaky,
and prone to irritation.

Kapuluan Coconut Oil is the
FIRST CHOICE for Natural Skincare.

It deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin with its rich fatty acids and vitamins, helping to repair and rejuvenate dry skin.

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100% Natural, derived from coconut flesh

Contains synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients


Pure fatty acids with skin-loving benefits

With parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, etc.


Packed with natural vitamins and antioxidants

Have preservatives
and stabilizers


Suited for many skin types; offers deep hydration

Can clog pores or not provide enough hydration


Pleasant, natural coconut scent

Contains synthetic fragrances which can be irritating

using kapuluan daily will...

A black and white icon featuring an open hand with a feather resting on its palm, symbolizing gentleness or a delicate touch.


Being raw and unrefined, the oil retains all of its natural moisturizing abilities for your benefit.

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The antioxidants in the oil can help reduce signs of aging, giving your skin a youthful appearance.

A simple black and white icon depicting a recycling symbol with an added medical cross, emphasizing healthcare and recycling concepts.


Our coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and ideal if you're dealing with conditions like eczema, sunburn, or even just irritated skin.

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Our coconut oil naturally enhances the skin's lipid content, replenishing essential oils and ensuring a smooth, moisturized complexion.

Integrating Kapuluan Raw Coconut Oil into your skincare regimen
can provide relief and promote healthier skin over time.


For each Kapuluan item sold, we plant a coconut tree in the Philippines and South America.

Solid light pink background with a smooth texture and no visible objects or variations.

Join us on our journey to plant

1,000,000 TREE

to give back to the farming community and give back to our home on this earth.

We couldn’t do this without you.

An elderly woman wearing a baseball cap and a striped shirt, smiling gently. she is outdoors with lush greenery and palm trees in the background.

4000+ 5-star reviews!

These are actual Kapuluan customers from Amazon that have seen results with consistent use of Raw Coconut Oil for their skin.

A hand holding a tube of raw coconut oil skincare product, designed for both skin and hair use, with labels emphasizing its cold-pressed qualities.

Kim Worrell

This product is amazing for my skin! With the cold dry winter air, my skin tends to get dry and itchy …almost painful. Immediately after applying, I felt relief and it didn’t wear off in 30 minutes …it continued to hydrate.

Close-up portrait of a woman with braided hair, gazing confidently at the camera, highlighted by sunlight on the left side of her face.

Kendra Roser

My friend on IG theveganvixen suggested this and I recieved it yesterday and one day later, Im obsessed. It smells divine amd absorbs well. I put it on my face, neck and hands last night and this morning. Not sticky nor leave any sticky feeling after applying. My skin already feels soft and happy.

A happy couple posing closely together, both wearing white shirts, smiling at the camera. the woman has a braid and red lipstick, while the man has short dark hair and a beard.

Kim Berdinsky

This is a super, more organic way of moisturizing your face without a lot of added chemicals! I use this day & night.

A smiling young woman with glasses embracing a large black labrador, both appearing joyful and content outdoors.


The very best “lotion” that I have ever used! It soothes my skin and smells so heavenly. I even use it on the dogs due to their sensitive skin. Even my dogs love it!

SAVE 20%

Kapuluan Raw Coconut Oil



(8,532 Reviews)

An image of skincare products including tubes of coconut oil and a wooden brush, with text stating "over 700 sold" and tags that read "free." all items are displayed next to a canvas bag with a brand logo.



30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed

frequently asked questions

YES! Our coconut oil is raw, pure, and safe to digest.

The timeframe for seeing results from using coconut oil on hair can vary based on several factors, including the initial condition of the hair, frequency of application, and individual hair type. However, generally:


For Mild to Moderate Dryness:

Customers can expect to see an improvement in the softness and shininess of their hair after just 1-2 applications. If they use coconut oil as a conditioner or a mask, they might notice smoother and more manageable hair almost immediately after washing and drying.

For Severe Damage or Chronic Dryness:

It may take several weeks of consistent use — around 3-4 weeks — to notice significant changes. This includes reduced split ends, breakage, and a healthier appearance and feel.

For Scalp Conditions:

If using coconut oil to combat dandruff or other scalp issues, visible results might start to show in 2-3 weeks of consistent application.

Yes, we do! All international orders are shipped from our warehouse in Buffalo, New York. Please understand that international orders take a bit longer to arrive due to longer shipping times and potential customs inspections and delays. All international orders are subject to customs duties and taxes.

All USA orders are shipped within 2 days from our warehouses across the United States and are scheduled to arrive within 7-10 business days. Expedited shipping is shipped the next day and arrives within 2 business days. International orders are subject to customs duties and taxes. This is beyond our control, and these fees are carried out by Country and State / Province governments.

Our Raw Coconut Oil is 100% natural and is happiest when kept at room temperature. Virgin and raw coconut oil naturally hardens and softens with temperature fluctuation. In temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius / 77 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil intensifies, and when the temperature drops below 25, it begins to harden. The colder the temperature, the harder the coconut oil. There is not much to worry about, as a change in consistency does not hurt the quality. However, we advise against leaving Kapuluan Coconut Oil in direct sunlight and hot temperatures for extended periods. We also do not recommend using hot water to soften the oil if it becomes hard. If so, warm with neutral water or rub in your hands until the oil softens, and then store at room temperature. Always squeeze from the top of the tube for the easiest use.

For General Conditioning and Shine:

Apply 1-2 times a week.

For Intensive Treatment or Damaged Hair:

Apply 3-4 times a week or even daily, especially if you’re trying to repair significant damage.

100%. We are certified by PETA.

Our coconut oil is especially good for dry or undernourished hair. For fine hair, use products sparingly or as a deep-conditioning mask before washing your hair.

You can visit us at

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