A Little Love From Actress Serinda Swan for Kapuluan Coconut Oil

Last Updated on May 31, 2023 by Kapuluan

Serinda Swan is a budding actress, working on popular TV shows such as Supernatural to Hawaii Five-OBreakout Kings, and on the big screen starring in The Break-Up Artists and Tron Legacy. But it is the real-life character of the grounded philanthropist that takes center stage in our eyes. 

“You make time to give back to the community. With the voice you are given as an actor, you need to understand the responsibility of that voice. Without acting, I can’t shine the spotlight that I have now, to raise awareness about social issues whether in Malaysia or internationally,” says Swan.

Serinda works with different charities including the ‘Somaly Mam Foundation’,  UN Foundation’s’ Nothing But Nets’, and ‘Helfer International’. In 2011, she joined ‘Friends to Mankind’, an organization that partners with non-profits to raise awareness and funds through educational campaigns, as a founding ambassador.

So when Serinda Swan got behind Kapuluan Coconut Oil, it was a compliment not only to the quality product – a favorite of the translucent-eyed beauty – but more importantly, support for Kapuluan’s mission to help improve the livelihood of coconut farmers in the Philippines.

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