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Coconut oil can be used for hair health because of the extensive benefits it provides your flowing tresses.

Coconut oil conditions, strengthens, softens, and repairs hair. Overnight treatments and hair masks do wonders for soft and silky hair, while a small amount can be rubbed in for an on-the-go frizz tamer. The natural oils repel water, preventing moisture from entering the hair shaft to create frizz. Coconut oil for hair also acts as a great natural styling aid.

Free of alcohols, silicones, and other chemicals that can aggravate your scalp and strip hair of its essential nutrients, coconut oil has the ability to deeply penetrate hair, repairing, protecting and restoring from the inside out.

Lauric acid, capric acid, vitamins E and K improve hair strength and scalp health by preventing protein loss. The antibacterial nature of coconut oil helps the scalp against itchiness and a variety of infections, keeping hair healthy and dandruff free.


Coloring, blow drying, straightening, curling, attaching extensions – all these processes can take a major toll on your locks and leave them as dry as straw and damaged almost beyond repair. But coconut oil takes on all of these problems, and you’ll love the results.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Hair?

Everything that makes coconut oil a fantastic product for your skincare routine can also do wonders for your strands. That’s because it’s the most plentiful source of medium chain fatty acids, which naturally contain antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and lauric acid. These properties foster cellular health and maintain proteins.

The result?

Your scalp can get healthier and your hair can grow back, stronger, shinier and more voluminous than ever. Coconut oil can also help with chronically frizzy hair, dandruff and lice infestation.

Because of its superior absorption qualities, coconut oil penetrates follicles better mineral oil, which many commercial brands include in their conditioners. It can be just as healthy, if not healthier for your hair than castor oil, which is a proven hair strengthener. There’s no denying that coconut has a more pleasant scent than either type.

You’ll sometimes find certain treatments and DIY recipes that combine coconut oil for other hair types. Look for ones that contain olive, marula or argan oils, honey or even yogurt. Make sure it’s the best quality product that you can find.

Some Helpful Guidelines: Coconut Oil For Hair Care 

While some of this makes coconut oil and hair sound like dynamic duo, it sometimes doesn’t work on coarse hair types. But nearly everyone can benefit from using coconut oil in some capacity, whether it’s as an after-shampoo treatment, a leave-in or a deep conditioner, or as a base for coloring. Test out a small amount and see how it works for you.

When you first use coconut oil to treat dull and lifeless hair, you may be tempted to scoop out a substantial amount, thinking the more you slather on, the better. But sometimes using too much will cause hair to become more brittle and, in some extreme cases, fall out.

Try no more than a teaspoonful, adjusting the amount to your hair length and taking the oil from its solid form. Emulsify it between your hands, then massage it gently into your strands. This quick treatment should control some frizzy hairs and give you some immediate shine.

If possible, minimize rubbing the coconut oil directly onto the scalp, since it could clog pores and cause irritation at top of your head. Again, try a small amount on your scalp and if you experience no ill effects, go ahead and carefully massage it in.

If you like the taste of coconut, you may want to maximize the nutritional benefits as much as possible by adding the oil to your diet each day. This will help you grow healthy hair from the inside out and may regulate hormonal balances in your body. Start with one teaspoon and gradually increase the amount you consume, up to three tablespoons.

One of the best ways to eat the oils is in a smoothie or shake. Here, you’ll know that coconut oil for your hair is good for your tastebuds, too.

This infographic explains a really quick and easy way to achieve beachy surf hair with all natural ingredients. It only takes a few minutes to make!

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