Amore & Vita’s 10 Coconut Oil Uses

Amore & Vita’s 10 Coconut Oil Uses

Jan 04, 2016 By Kapuluan Coconut

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Our friends Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars and Michaela Blaney did a feature of Kapuluan on their Lifestyle Blog Amore&Vita about their top 10 coconut oil uses.

Here is the post:

Shay is coconut oil’s biggest fan…literally…and she turned me onto this beauty wonder a few years ago.  Coconut oil is all-natural, from mother nature, hardly refined and has too many uses to count.  We just posted a blog talking about a company, Kapuluan, that is making high-end coconut oil products whilst promoting growth and change in coconut farming communities in the Philippines and giving back to these hard working humans.

So with coconut oil on our minds, providing the many uses to all of you was a brilliant idea. Did we mention it smells amazing and has zero additional ingredients?  It literally is the best thing to use for your body.  Chemical free is where we want to be!


Our Favourite Ways to Use Coconut Oil

  1. Makeup Remover
    No Joke.  Use coconut oil on a cotton pad and gently remove all of your makeup.  And don;t be scared – it will not clog your pores.  Shay has literally grabbed our coconut oil from the kitchen to remove her set makeup numerous times.


  1. Body Scrub
    Add equal parts coconut oil with raw sugar to create a sweet and grainy all over scrub that will leave skin moisturized, sweet, and thankful.


  1. Moisturizer
    Scrap your drugstore overly-scented lotions and grab a bottle of coconut oil.  It absorbs into your skin better then any oil or moisturizer out there, leaves  sweet scent and won’t ruin clothes.


  1. Highlighter
    Need a little cheekbone shimmer? Brush some coconut oil on your cheekbones.  Or want a more slender effect on your legs?  Wipe coconut oil up the front of your legs for an all-natural, fuss-free highlighter.


  1. Hair Mask
    Cover your scalp to ends in this oil and relax.  Wash our hair as you normally would and feel the difference and notice the shine.


  1. Shaving Cream
    Are you prone to in-grown hairs? Or on a budget? Don’t waste your money on extra items – use what you have – coconut oil.  Bye in-growns!


  1. Massage Oils
    I mean, maybe for that special someone?  Coconut oil works perfectly as a massage oil and won’t leave a mess.


  1. Hand Salve
    Dry, chapped hands.  Coconut oil can fix that.


  1. Cooking
    Replace ANY oil with coconut oil and taste the difference.  Coconut oil can take on super high heat so it is the best for frying or coating any dish or pan.  Replace plain vegetable il with coconut oil for a sweeter addition to your baking!


  1. Lip Balm
    Chapped lips? This will do the trick – and leave you with a sweet pout!

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