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Coconut oil can be very efficient as a tanning oil.

Coconut Oil for Tanning: 6 Reasons Why It’s Ideal for Skin

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will lauder

“Is coconut oil good for tanning?”  That’s a question you might ask as you discover more of its many wonderful benefits. Coconut oil tanning is the most natural way to get beautiful, healthy, bronze skin and you don’t have to look past the islanders who live where coconuts grow on ubiquitous palm trees over white sand beaches and turquoise blue water. Dark, healthy, young looking, beautiful skin is the result of staying out of the sun during peak hours, and using coconut oil to keep their skin protected from the sun when exposed, and moisturized and full of rich proteins and beneficial compounds necessary to skin keeping healthy and youthful.

Of course, there’s a lot of debate about tanning in general. Whether people believe it’s healthy or not, the fact remains that many still want to have bronzed skin, especially in the summertime.

A healthy tanned body gets attention. When you know people are looking at you in admiration (or even envy), and you know you have a healthy tan and a beautiful glow, that makes you feel sexier and more attractive. No matter how you choose to tan, you’ll want to use the safest, healthiest and most effective methods possible.

Benefits of Coconut Oil Tanning

You might already know that coconut oil doesn’t contain any sunscreen but that it does have a natural SPF of around 6. You’ll find that some sun-worshippers believe this is a positive thing, for reasons we’ll mention later. If you’re hesitant to use coconut oil only, you may also want to bring along some light, paraben-free sunscreen. Choose one that has an SPF of 30 or above.  That’s especially essential if you’ll be out in the sun for an extended time, or if you’re exceptionally fair-skinned.

Coconut oil is super-hydrating, so it’s great for tanning. Some even swear that coconut oil can help you tan faster.

Here are six more reasons why you should take coconut oil along to the beach, pool or backyard and get that glorious tan:

1. It’s chemical-free

While using sunscreen daily is a no-brainer, you might have some concerns about some of its potentially adverse ingredients or that it may block out the good UV rays that are essential to your skin’s health. Harmful ingredients including parabens, chemicals, and solvents that can irritate skin and create other more complex issues are non-starters. You are tanning under the sun. You don’t want those things on your skin. While many sunscreen products have taken these chemicals out of the formulas, raw organic coconut oil doesn’t have one ounce of them. Coconut generally feels and smells better on your skin while you also have the peace of mind knowing it’s all natural.

2. It nourishes and protects skin

Unlike many commercial tanning products, coconut oil provides a nutritive benefit as well as protective one. Its medium-chain fatty acids (capric, caprylic and lauric) provide skin-loving nourishment and help keep your skin healthy while you are tanning. The high saturation level of coconut oil creates a protective layer for the skin and can help shield it from sun damage and ultraviolet radiation.

3. It helps absorb natural vitamin D

When you use coconut oil for tanning, your skin will drink in the sun’s natural vitamin D. This is a nutrient important for disease protection, healthy skin, bone growth and development, and mental and emotional health. Sunscreens containing parabens will block your skin’s ability to absorb vitamin D. Raw organic coconut oil will not.

4. It guards against infections

With its well-known antimicrobial and antifungal properties, coconut oil helps combat any germs or harmful elements that wreck your health or skin. That’s more likely to happen when you’re at the pool, on the beach or any other public place where lots of people gather and the chances of contracting something are greater.

5. Soothes irritations

Is your skin needing a little TLC when you’re outside? Are you dealing with some annoying redness and inflammation that’s ruining your fun? Then slather on some coconut oil where you need it, not just for tanning. The hydrating magic of coconut oil can take care of those problems and make your skin feel smoother and have a healthy glow. It’s also great for after-sun pampering and even for sunburn, should that happen.

6. Lasts longer on your shelf

Kapuluan Raw organic coconut oil has a shelf life of 36 months when properly cared for. That means you keep it out of direct sunlight and in room temperature conditions with airflow.

How to use Coconut Oil for Tanning

It’s simple: Squeeze out what you need and massage it all over your body. If you’re swimming you may need to re-apply depending on how much water exposure you have, although coconut oil penetrates deeply and should last for an extended period of time.



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