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5 Reasons Why Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a Beauty Essential

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will lauder

Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the most sensible purchases you can make for a beauty care product.  Coconut oil’s popularity continues to increase, whether it’s for cooking, health and fitness or self-care.

As you probably know, not all coconut oils are equal.  You want to make sure that you’re only incorporating cold pressed coconut oil for your beauty regimen. That means not just grabbing any product off the grocery store or even pharmacy shelves.

We’ve talked about types of coconut oil before, and how extra-virgin and organic is the only kind that should be on your bathroom shelf or bedroom dresser.  Another characteristic that you should also look for is cold pressing.

What’s cold pressed coconut oil?

This process involves taking fresh coconut flakes at a low temperature (around 120ºF) and extracting oil between rotating circular presses.  It’s comparable to the most common method for manufacturing olive oil.

While it’s quite time-consuming and labor-intensive (and as a result, slightly more expensive), it’s one of the best ways to retain coconut oil’s nutritive benefits.  The oil is unrefined and not deodorized, which is why is still has a pleasant coconut scent and taste.

How it’s different from other coconut oil extraction

Cold pressed coconut oil differs from centrifuge extracted or expeller-pressed processes, the other two ways to make unrefined oil.  The first involves chilling fresh milk and obtaining oil from high-speed centrifugal force.  Both centrifuge extracted and cold pressed coconut oil are raw and have the highest retention of nutrients.  The first is often more expensive, so cold pressed can be a better value.

The second method is a more mechanically intensive and uses higher temperatures.  Because of this increased heat, it loses some of the oil’s nutrients but does not use chemicals or solvents.  It thus retains slightly fewer nutrients good for beauty care. Even so, expeller-pressed is a better choice than fractionated, which is further refined and devoid of many coconut oil’s benefits.

5 Reasons Why Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is a Beauty Essential

Now that you know what cold pressed coconut oil is, let’s look at why it should be a staple for your health and beauty care:

best uses for coconut oil

1.) Use coconut oil in its purest form

Likely we previously mentioned, minimally processed coconut oil is almost like taking it straight from the coconut itself.  You just won’t have the tough task of opening one up and scraping out the meat.  Cold pressing doesn’t involve nutrient-robbing heat or chemicals.  That way, you’ll know you’re getting all the amazing qualities that make coconut oil such an outstanding all-around beauty product.

2.) Stay healthier

When you use cold pressed coconut oil, some of those nutrients include the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) or triglycerides.  These contain three types of immunity-boosting and disease-fighting acids – lauric, caprylic and capric – in abundance. Each of these have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help protect your skin from harmful elements from the environment.

3.) Heal your skin better

One of the ways MFCAs work best is revitalizing dry or problematic skin.  The quick absorption rate of coconut oil allows it to infuse cells with moisture and nutritive goodness.  You certainly can apply it as is right on to your skin, but you might want to try it as a DIY whipped lotion, using that beneficial cold pressed coconut oil.

4.) Have it around longer

Cold pressed coconut oil has a longer shelf life than other types of oil, like olive or flaxseed.  It can safely stay on your shelf or cabinet (away from sunlight or direct heat, of course) for about two years without going rancid.  But you may be using coconut oil for your beauty and self-care needs so often, you’ll go through it and finish your supply well before those two years are up.

5.) Enjoy that great coconut scent

Using unrefined coconut oils will ensure that you’ll have that tropical aroma when you use them.  That’s especially true with cold pressed or centrifuge extracted, as well as expeller pressed.  Now, if you don’t like the smell of coconut but still want its benefits, then use the fractionated type.  Just understand that it will have the fewest amount of nutritive benefits that most unrefined coconut oils have.  Stay away from RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) coconut oil.

Cold pressed coconut oil is one of the best ways you can naturally take care of your beauty needs.  With all its wonderful benefits for nourishing and protecting your skin, hair and body, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Let us know how you’re using cold pressed coconut oil for your beautiful, radiant self-care.



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